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Dueling Real Estate Trends

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Dueling Real Estate Trends
By: Myrl Jeffcoat - November 7th 2007

Great West GMAC Real Estate professionals are sometimes asked by clients to answer questions regarding what is trendy in housing.  Or they will ask, “Are we going big, or moving smaller?”

In a recent quest to track information on real estate statistics and trends, Sami Siddiqui, broker for Great West GMAC Real Estate noticed contradiction among the pundits of “what’s hot – what’s not” in the real estate marketplace.

One pundit seems to imply the Mc Mansion is very much alive and doing well.  And predicts homes built in the future will taut a bathroom for every bedroom, massive kitchens, and a tremendous amount of square feet.   The article had been written fairly recent, but it was also noted the opinion was from a builder of large luxury homes.  

However, Sami Siddiqui also spoke to the aging Baby Boomer population, who no longer had need for a large home, and what was felt as an over abundance of square feet, requiring more energy to heat and cool.  

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Another delightful idea came presented by Jay Shafer.  Shafer, the Sebastopol-based creator of Tumbleweed Tiny House Co., who lives in an adorable but tiny 100 square foot house, in the middle of a Sebastopol apple orchard. 

That’s the incredibly efficient usage of exceedingly little square feet often found in a small bedroom of some single family homes, which can be placed on land in a place of your dreams – the forest, the mountains, etc.

Here’s the link:

The two universal laws, which define trends in real estate style and size, continue to be the ruled by need - large family vs. first time buyer or a retirement couple looking to downsize.  And of course, what is affordable to buyers.

However, there is one universal truth to all the real estate pundit’s articles. Energy efficiency, no matter the size of the home, is essential.   And, the one bath home with the single car garage, can often be a hard sell, even to some who are buying a first home, or downsizing for retirement.  And for certain – if you are still hanging onto that green shag carpeting and large flowered wallpaper from the 1960s, and are trying to sell your home, you probably ought to ditch it!


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Currently, there is plenty of housing (and land), available on the market, to meet the needs of any prospective buyer – whether their needs are entry level or executive level.  Or perhaps you merely need land to build on, or to place your own little tumbleweed styled home, while contemplating your future.  If you are ready to explore your “inner real estate bliss” – please be sure to contact a Real Estate Professional, at Great West GMAC Real Estate, so we can explore it with you!


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